Other Videos

Here are some of my other videos. A few musical pieces, and some other strange stuff. áWhen the video plays, you can click the bottom right corner to bring it full screen.

Some wild birds visit me every day and made me feel sad about wild birds held in cages.


"Made In Thailand" is actually something of an underground hit in Thailand, with well over a million views.

This is another Thai song, "Doo Ter Tam." I shot this on location around Hawaii, sometimes while on assignment for the news. I'd carry my Bob Marley T-shirt, dreadlocks and camera and grab a scene on the go.

This is a wild ride to the island of Molokai in a small plane on a windy day.

I was shooting video at fruit market in Thailand when one of the vendors stepped in with a lot of personality.

Here's the little farmers market near my house in Makiki. The neighborhood loves the weekly market.